Trees for life – CO 2 emissions
CHSA’s initiative of planting a tree for every new client provides many benefits including restoration of habitat for native wildlife and improvements in the condition of soil and water.

The aim is to create a dynamic, sustainable native forest which will assist with the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and provide multiple environmental benefits.

High priority is placed upon a diversity of different species to maximise the benefits to the local environment with the seeds are collected from the local area.

  • In 2017 Australia’s annual average per capita CO2 emissions was 16.88 tonnes.
  • If 8-10 trees were planted per annum for every person in Australia, we could offset Australia’s carbon pollution for 1 year.
  • This equates to 200-250 mil. trees planted per annum in Australia.

Data sourced from Our World in Data Global Carbon Project.